Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some Dog!

George is some dog!

 by Mary Casanova

George is some dog! He is happy and content with his lazy life, until the day Zippity came to town. Zippity is an active little dog that can't sit still. When George likes to relax, Zippity likes to jump and run and the man and woman think that Zippity is some dog! To make matters worse Zippity has taken over George's bed! One night a thunderstorm came and scared Zippity, it scared him so much he started going crazy in the house. The woman threw him out into the storm. George was happy to have his bed to himself. The man and the woman realized that Zippity was out in the storm by himself so they pleaded to George to go find him...George did not want to go. Finally, George went out to find Zippity. Through the rain, wind, mud and muck George trudged around in search of Zippity. Did George find Zippity? Enjoy reading this wonderful story about friendship and discovering if George actually finds Zippity. You and your students will delight in this story Some Dog!

The following is some information about the book Some Dog!

Reading level: 3.0 to 3.49

Theme: Courage, families and friendship, perseverance

Genre: Animal stories

Selected Vocabulary: weary, pleaded, shambles, brambles, murky, and muck

Reading skills and strategies: character analysis, character traits, making connections, compare & contrast, cause and effect, drawing conclusions, leveled questions using Bloom's.

Grammar: nouns and adjectives

Writing: personal narrative, journal entry

A free cause and effect activity to use with this book.

A preview of the skills and strategies packet available.

You can get this from either one of my stores.

Happy teaching!

On a personal note, I have two dogs that are exactly like George and Zippity, so I love to share this book with my students. Do you have Some Dog! in your classroom library? If so, in what ways have you used it to teach? Please share, I really want to know :)

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