Thumbs up Thumbs down Thursday #1

This summer I was visiting my brother and his family in a small town in New Hampshire. Every Friday the town paper is delivered, filled with local happenings, police reports, and a thumbs up thumbs down column. This column is filled local residents either giving praise or thanks to someone in the community, or voicing their annoyances with others in the community. I found this very intriguing and a bit funny - one lady was complaining that her neighbor let her dog bark too much and that there should be a law banning dog barking in the town.

Anyway, I thought this would be a fun thing to add to my blog. My plan is to post every Thursday a thumbs up thumbs down with different things that I find praiseworthy or annoying. I would love for you to join in on the fun and venting by commenting your own thumbs up thumbs down praises and annoyances.

So here are my thumbs up thumbs down for the week.

Thumbs up to all the teachers that worked so tirelessly to plan, organize, decorate, purchase, print and laminate everything needed to make their students first days of school a positive experience.

Thumbs up to all the parents that got their children to school ready to learn.

Thumbs down to the people that zoom down parking lot isles and honk at the people slowly backing out of a parking spot. Why do they not drive slower and give the car backing out the right away, especially since it is harder for the person backing up to see...ugh...frustrating!

Thumbs down to the people that download and dash and NEVER leave a comment or note of thanks. I get that it is hard to comment on everything, but an occasional acknowledgement is a nice thing!

Your turn :)



  1. Thanks for taking the time to have a blog and create things for us to use in the classroom!

  2. This is a great idea! It would be interesting to do this w/students. For instance, they could tell or write one thumbs up and one thumbs down experience from their school day, weekend, holiday, report card day, etc. The list is endless. Your blog is ALWAYS a thumbs up!!!


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