This week as I entered my favorite first grade classroom I noticed all of the colorful books in the bookcase. Upon closer inspection I saw that these books were all books that the teacher had typed up from stories and writings that the students had created thus far.

Through the week as I wondered in and out of the classroom I would see the students pulling these books to read when they had some free time. They would sit and read the story, study the illustrations and then afterward, go to the student that wrote the book and tell them how much they liked it, or what their favorite part was, or asked the student author some really great what or why or how questions.

These student created books have gotten the students excited about reading as well as gotten their inquiring minds a racing! It is not everyday that you have an author of a book right there in the same room with you so you can talk to about the story and ask those questions readers always have...why? come?...did you?...

The teacher typing up these stories so the kids could see their work resulted in a much greater lesson, one you don't plan for or even anticipate happening, it just does, and when it does, you sit back, smile and think how amazing these little minds inspiring!!

Happy teaching!

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  1. I want to try this in my classroom. It looks like it's a huge succes in this room!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade


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