Top 10 Books for October

October is a great month, there are so many fun and important topics to cover. There is Fire Safety week, Red Ribbon week, Columbus Day, Freedom from Bullies week, Kids Care week, National Character Counts week, School Bus Safety week, Pumpkin Day, Bat day, National Apple Month, National Book Month, and of course Halloween.

This is a list of books that only touches a few of these important topics but would be great read alouds for the month of October. These books are listed in no particular order.

Bats at the Library is written in rhyme, explores the library and has all the bats enjoying a good read aloud. The perfect book for the month of October - National Book Month and Bat day are represented.

Circle The Story of a Garden has great photographs depicting the seed to pumpkin process. If you are doing a pumpkin unit, this is a must have book.

Columbus Day will be celebrated October 8th this year. This little gem will delight your students with Columbus and this National holiday.

I just love books that are written in rhyme, and this is one of my Halloween favorites. In the story a very friendly witch helps out some very little friends by giving them a ride on her broom, but when the witch gets into trouble, will those little friends return her kindness? Your students will love this mild-manner tale!

The Ant Bully is a perfect story to read to introduce the topic of bullies (Freedom from Bullies week). It is a story of a boy that bullies some helpless little ants, but when he becomes an ant he learns the importance of friendship and teamwork. A great lesson for all!

Big Cindy's School Bus is a fun and engaging story about Big Cindy and her school bus. Big Cindy goes around and inspects the bus and as she does this your students will learn all sorts of things about how the bus works and how to be safe. A great book for School Bus Safety week!

For Fire Safety Week I chose this book, Stop Drop and Roll. This book will help alleviate any fire worries and it will help students to understand how important fire safety is.

I just love all the  "The Night Before..." books, Natasha Wing does such an amazing job writing these stories for all the holidays with the perfect rhythm and rhyme of the original. This is the perfect Halloween story to just sit back and enjoy!

Since October has National Character Counts week, I thought this book was an obvious must have on my list. This book is filled with true stories, thought provoking situations, activities and inspiring quotes to help our young kids grow to teenagers with character.

If You Had To Choose, What Would You Do? is a fantastic book that puts your students into specific situations giving them a chance to show their true moral character.

I hope this list has introduced you to new books you might not have known about or reminded you of some oldies you might have forgotten about, either way I hope you have a wonderful October of teaching - how could you not with so many great topics available?.

Happy October!

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