Thumbs up Thumbs down Thursday #6

Another Thursday, another Thumbs up Thumbs down post. Read here for the back story of why I started this.

Thumbs up to No Doubt and their new album. I love No Doubt and am so happy that they are back together.  :)

Thumbs up to me! I have been chosen as a new contributor to Classroom Freebies Too. If you are not a follower of that sight you should check it out, there are some great freebies available! 
Classroom Freebies Too
Thumbs up to Kayla over at Primary Junction. Her post called Building Math Skills at Home: Parent Handout has so much great information and I love that she has a free handout for parents. Go check it out if you haven't seen it yet.
Primary Junction

Thumbs up to Michelle at Teach123 for her great blog post What Size is Your Filter. This post is about a great lesson on "If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all". This is definitely a lesson our students can benefit from.

Teach 123

Thumbs up to Lyndsey from A Year of Many Firsts for her great blog post called Who is Bully Free? You and Me. With this being Bullying Prevention month, this is a must read post and she has super cute freebie posters. If you haven't seen the post yet, go take a look!

Thumbs down to all the bullies out there! I just don't understand how putting someone down can make you feel good. I wish kids would think twice before they tease another, Democrats and Republicans would choose their words so they express an opinion not belittle or insult someone that thinks differently and teens would think about what it would be like to walk in someone else's shoes for a day before they bully someone because they are different. I think the saddest part is that the people don't realize they are being a bully...they just say what they want when they want and don't think about how someone else will feel.

Thumbs down to the person (who will remain nameless) in the TpT forums that is so negative. That person is just hurting them self. If you visit the forums you know who I am talking about.

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  1. Thank you so much, Shawna, for the thumbs up! I'm thrilled you like the handouts! I love your blog... it's an excellent resource for teachers! :-)

    Primary Junction


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