Stamp It to Find It - A Bright Idea!

Today I am joining my friends and bringing you a Bright Idea. 
It is probably one you already know, but it is truly something that has helped not only my students but me.
The Picture Book Teacher's Bright Idea - Stamp It to Find It!

Do you do centers?

Do you have your kids do word sorts?

Do you have pieces to games that you have spent time printing, and cutting and laminating?

Do you find said pieces under desks and in corners after the kids have cleaned up?

Do you always know where those said pieces go?

Is this something that drives you CRAZY?

Well it did me, until I started stamping ALL the “pieces”. I know this adds on an extra step to your printing, cutting and laminating, but it will be worth it in the end! Just remember to stamp before you laminate.

Many years ago my mom bought me this great set of little stamps that had many different color stamp pads. I never used the stamps for their intended purpose, crafting and card making; I used them as game and center piece organizers.

For each game, activity, word sort and puzzle, I stamped every piece that went with it; the cards, directions, spinners, envelope, recording sheet, and anything else that was part of the game. I used the same stamp with the same color or each of those pieces.

This did two things…
1. If kids were sitting too close as they were using these activities, they could easily make sure that when they cleaned up they were putting the correct pieces back in the correct bag, folder or envelope.
2. If a piece was found later, we could quickly tell where that piece should be put, no more guessing  and no more setting the piece aside to figure out where it went later (because let’s face it, later never came).

Simple, yes!
Easy, yes!
Effective, absolutely!

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