Thursday, October 1, 2015

Throwback Thursday

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Picture Pretty Nails - My Jamberry Happy Place

This post is not teaching or picture book related, but it does have to do with me. I have this great platform to share about me, and I rarely, if ever use it, so I've decided to live dangerously, take a chance, walk on the wild side and occasionally post about my Jamberry business.

I call my store Picture Pretty Nails, I wanted something with the word picture in it to kind of tie in with The Picture Book Teacher. I started last November because I love the product. I love having my nails done but could never justify getting them done in the salon because the polish chips so fast and I am so not an acrylic nail kind of gal. So, since November I have been able to have super cute nails that last for a week or more. 

This simple product has made me happy. Because I am happy, I want to share! Also, I NEVER post pictures of me...ACK!

Here is a picture of my current Jamicure :)

It is the Nepal Relief Wrap (created and sold to raise money for the Nepal Relief $152,000 was donated to UNICEF) and Sorbet. The Nepal Wrap is no longer available but the Sorbet is.

My nails are SUPER short right now, they just all broke and peeled down to the quick, but as you can see I was still able to get the wraps on so my nails don't look too horrible. This, by the way is 4 days after my Jamicure, still looking good.

Thanks for letting me share just a little :)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

It was the start of school, but not for me...

As a teacher without a classroom and a parent with adult children I always have mixed emotions this time of year.

It was the start of school, but not for me.

Teachers organized their rooms; 
I organized my closet.

Teachers sat in PD’s and staff meetings; 
I sat on my couch and in waiting rooms.

Teachers bought school supplies; 
I bought stuff for dinner.

Teachers planned and packed their lunches;
 I set up lunch dates with friends.

Teachers photocopied and laminated; 
I pinned and gardened.

Teachers decorated their home away from home; 
I watched decorating shows.

Teachers were excited to meet their new students; 
I was sad I didn’t have any new students to meet.

Parents bought their children school supplies;
 I watched my daughter shop for and buy her own.

Parents bought new school clothes for their children;
 I kept my credit card in my wallet.

Parents packed snacks and lunches for their children;
 I put the old lunch boxes in storage.

Parents comforted and consoled their nervous children;
 I watched mine leave without looking back.

Parents were nervous for their children's first day of school;
 I was sad my children would have no more first days of school.

Parents drove their children to school;
 I watched mine drive away.

It was the start of school, but not for me.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

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