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Groundhog Gets a Say by Pamela Curtis Swallow - Teaching Tips

Teaching tips for the book Groundhog Gets a Say by Pamela Curtis Swallow from The Picture Book Teacher.

What a wonderful book! Swallow does a fantastic job weaving groundhog facts into a very funny story. Your students will enjoy the humor as well as walk away with some fun facts about groundhogs, a definite must read for Groundhog Day!

Below are the teaching tips I came up with to go with this book.

Reading level: 2.9
Theme/subject: Groundhog Day, Animals
Genre: Informational

Suggested vocabulary/phrases: king of the mound, rodents, marmots, excitable, hoggy-paddle, blimp, blimp with legs, predators, submarine periscope, thickets, chompers, burrow, gnaw, hibernate, body rhythms,

Reading skills and strategies:
  • purpose for reading – To learn about Groundhogs
  • author's purpose – inform
    • evidence
      • The author explains what kind of animal a ground hog is and its different names.
      • The author tells what a groundhog eats.
      • The author shows what their burrow looks like.
  • organization
    • ideas or topics – the text is organized by topics
      • Different names
      • Their burrow
      • Who they are related to
      • Different people that like them
      • What they can do
      • Predators
      • Different places they can live
      • What they eat
      • About their teeth
      • What they do when they find a mate
  • classify & categorize
    • classify animals
    • categorize ones that hibernate and ones that don’t
  • compare & contrast
    • Other holidays that have an animal associated with it (Easter, Thanksgiving)
    • The groundhog to the squirrel
  • fact & opinion
    • Facts
      • Groundhogs are related to squirrels
      • Groundhogs can whistle
      • Groundhogs can move about 700 pounds of dirt and rock in a day
      • Groundhogs teeth stop growing while it hibernates
      • Groundhogs chatter their teeth to scare their enemies away
    • Opinions
      • Groundhogs always see their shadows
      • Everybody loves groundhogs
      • Groundhogs are the best kind of rodents to have around
      • The groundhog is better than the Easter Bunny

  • main idea & details
    • Main idea – The text is mostly about all the things groundhogs can do.
    • Details
      • A groundhog cannot run very fast
      • A groundhog can swim
      • A groundhog uses his front teeth to gnaw through sticks
  • predict
    • What do you think the story will be about?
    • Who do you think the groundhog is related to?
    • What do you think a groundhog can do better, run or swim?
    • What do you think a groundhog eats?
    • How do you think a groundhog keeps its teeth from growing too long while he hibernates?
  • story elements
    • title – Groundhog Gets a Say
    • author – Pamela Curtis Swallow
    • topic - Groundhogs
    • organization – by topic
    • KWL – have students give you this info
  • summarize main idea
    • author – Pamela Curtis Swallow wrote
    • book title – Groundhog Gets a Say
    • author’s purpose – to inform the readers
    • statement about topic – that there is more to a groundhog than just Groundhog’s day.
    • at least 2 detail – Groundhogs can move up to 700 pounds of dirt and rock without getting dirt in their ears and they make burrows that other animals can’t wait to move into.
I know it is too late for this year, but you will be all set for next February!! Here are some One Pager activities that I created to go with this book.
One Pager activities to go with the book Groundhog Gets a Say by Pamela Curtis Swallow.
You can find these One Pagers in the growing Holiday Bundle HERE. This bundle so far, includes 6 different books and will continue to grow as I find more holiday books.
A growing Holdiay Bundle of One Pager activities for a number of holiday books.

Happy reading!

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