Sunday, January 29, 2012

Clifford's Valentines by Norman Bridwell - Teaching Ideas

This level 1 Hello Reader is a great book for your beginning readers to read during your Valentine's Day activity filled day. This book has many sight words and super fun illustrations for the picture support your young readers need.

Here is some more information about this book you might find helpful.

Reading level: 1.0
Theme: holiday - Valentine's Day
Genre: animal stories, holiday

Suggested Vocabulary: letter carrier

Reading skills and strategies:
  • beginning, middle, end - {beg} It's Valentine's Day and Clifford gets some cards. {mid} It starts to snow. {end} Clifford goes to the park where everyone is and makes a heart in the snow.
  • characterization - describe Clifford
  • predict - What is Clifford's idea? What is Clifford going to do at the park?
  • sequencing - It is Valentine's Day. Clifford gets a card from a boy. Clifford gets a card from a girl. Clifford gets a card from a woman. Clifford gets a card from a man. The mail man bring Clifford cards. It starts to snow. Clifford runs to the park. Clifford makes a heart in the snow.
  • story elements - setting, characters, beginning, middle & end, plot

Instead of having your students just read the story, extend their learning by having them sequence the story or draw the information needed to complete the story map that I have created to go with this book.

You can pick this up from either one of my stores.

Happy reading!


  1. LOVE this! I'm just in awe of crafting worksheets like this . . . thanks for sharing them!!

    I haven't read this Clifford book, I don't think, but I read Emily Elizabeth books to Kaitlyn and jacob when they were growing up. Nice memories.


    1. The Clifford books are great, my kids loved them when they were younger.

  2. These worksheets are great! I hope my library has this book because I really want to do this with my boys.

    1. I hope your library has the book too!


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