Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thumbs up Thumbs down #10

Another Thursday, another Thumbs up Thumbs down post. Read here for the back story of why I started this.

Thumbs up to Mary at Sharing Kindergarten for her blog post called Writing Freebie. She is offering a great Christmas themed Write Me Three activities with word walls. Go on over and grab your copy.
Sharing Kindergarten

Thumbs up to Linda at Primary Inspiration, Happy "Blog-iversary"! As a thank you to her blog stalkers she has a great Winter Sight Word packet she is giving a way for free. 

Primary Inspiration
Thumbs up to Donna at Math Coach's Corner for a great post on Keep the End in Mind. She has a fun freebie as well as a link to her review for the book Small Steps, Big Changes: Eight Essential Practices for Transforming Schools Through Mathematics. Basically, her review of chapter 1 will make you feel good about having your kids play the freebie game she has is a win win for all :)

Thumbs up to Donna at Peace, Love and Learning for her blog post Reading with Stars This is such a great idea, you just have to go see for your self what the post is all about!!

Thumbs up to my little doggies. They make me laugh and smile every day!


Thumbs down to my neighborhood school closing! This is the school that my kids went to, where I did my student teaching, where I sub regularly, where I tutor and where all my teacher friends work. They just got word last week that at the end of the school year. The district is going to put all the kids in the neighboring elementary school and displace all the teachers, no priority given to those teachers. We are all heartbroken and sad that our family is being broken up.

Thumbs down to all those people that leave their shopping carts in parking spaces. I am sorry but it doesn't take but an extra minute to walk the darn thing to a cart return. Think of it this way, you will walk a little bit more, but those extra calories you burn will allow you to have that extra cookie you really want but know you shouldn't!

Is there anything happening around you that is a thumbs up or thumbs down. Don't be shy, share your "oh yeahs" or "oh my's".



  1. I LOVE Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Thursdays! What a great idea. Thanks so much for including my post this week!

    Math Coach’s Corner

    1. You're welcome Donna, it was a great post!

  2. Love the thumbs down to shopping cart wars . . . why, oh, why can't people put them back??

    Just sayin' . . . thanks for food for thought on a Thursday!

    The Corner On Character

    1. Hey Barbara,
      Yes, a HUGE pet peeve of mine are shopping carts! Thanks for stopping by.


Thoughts and comments are always welcome!

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