Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thumbs up Thumbs down # 13 & a NEW LOOK!

thumbs up thumbs down picture

Another Thursday, another Thumbs up Thumbs down post. Read here for the back story of why I started this. 

I would first like to start out by introducing my new blog design, I just love it and Tessa from Tales from Outside the Classroom & her newest venture Tales from a Blog Designer did a fabulous job, if I do say so myself!

So, because of my new look and a great experience my Thumbs up and Thumbs down is going to be all about me...and Tessa!

thurmbs up

Thumbs up to the new look of The Picture Book Teacher's Edition! Here is my new blog button, simple but super cute!

 Thumbs up Tessa for working so fast and accommodating all my little tweaks. She was professional, attentive, creative, and fast! If you are thinking about a re-design (which I wasn't) you should talk to Tessa. This all started with her redesign and my comment of "Love it, if you want another blog to practice on I will offer mine up". Well, from that comment led to my design and her new blog page Tales from a Blog Designer (I think she is even working on another design right now!)

Thumbs up to a great winter break, an uneventful New Year's Eve, and an exciting New Year!

thumbs down

 You know, I am just so happy about my new look I cannot think of one thing to vent or complain about. I am one happy girl!!

Here is wishing you and yours a very happy New Year!


  1. Yay Shawna - how FUN to get such an attractive UPdo! I'm glad you had a wonderful break!

    Happy new year.


    1. Hi Barbara,
      Yes, this UPdo is a fun way to start the year! I did have a wonderful break, as it looks like you did too.
      Have fun going back to school!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, me too...a fun way to start the new year :)

  3. Thanks for such kind words Shawna! I'm so glad you love your new design. I'm really excited with the way it turned out!


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