Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Christmas Questionnaire

Since I am finding it hard to motivate myself to blog let alone get in the Christmas spirit, I thought I would join Michelle over at Fabulous in First for her Christmas Questionnaire Linky. Maybe this will spark something in me...


Hot Chocolate or Eggnog?
Neither...mint tea or a vanilla latte.

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them underneath the tree?
Santa always wraps the presents. As a kid we would pick out our wrapping paper and Santa would wrap all my presents in my paper and all my brother's presents in his paper. I carried this tradition on with my kids, what make this tradition so great is that no tags are necessary, each kid knows what presents are theirs because everything for them is in their paper.

Colored lights or white?

The tree is 1/2 decorated, I will try to finish it by Christmas...but if not, oh well.

When do you decorate?
About 2 weeks before Christmas. It is not my favorite holiday and therefore I don't tend to like the decorations out for too long. 

Real or Fake Tree?
It has always been a real tree up till about 5 years ago.

What Tops Your Tree?
A silver star- basically a wooden star covered with tinfoil. This is what always topped my husband's Christmas tree, so it tops ours.

Favorite Christmas Memories or Traditions?
I have two favorite Christmas memories. The first is from when I was about 6 years old. After my brother and I opened all our gifts Christmas morning my brother noticed some "whiskers" on the chair. In hind sight the whiskers were some pulled/stretched out cotton, but to us it was Santa's beard.  My brother and I were convinced that Santa sat on his beard while he was wrapping our gifts and eating the cookies which caused some of the "whiskers" to be pulled out. We kept his "whiskers" safe for many years!

My second memory is from when I was about 9. My mom, brother and I were driving out to my grandma and grandpa's house to spend Christmas with them. They lived about 2 hours away. When we were almost there my mom told us that she forgot to pack out stockings. We were so sad because it was too late to go back and get them which meant we weren't going to get any stocking presents. On Christmas morning, on my grandma and grandpa's mantel hung our stockings. My brother and I were so excited and once again convinced that Santa was real!  How else could our stockings have gotten from our house to my grandma and grandpa's house?

Do you remember your favorite gift as a child?
When I was 11 my brother and I got our first dirt bike. We had to share it, but that was the day our love of dirt bike riding started. I still ride dirt bikes to this day.

Do prefer giving or receiving?
Neither. It is part of the reason why I don't like Christmas. There are too many expectations with Christmas and who you need to have gifts for and how much you need to spend and the guilt when someone gives you something and you don't have something for them...it is too stressful!

What is your favorite Christmas song?
I don't think I have any one favorite, but I can say that Christmas songs are probably the thing I like the most about Christmas. There are so many great songs, versions of songs, and people/groups that sing these songs, they are always so fun!

Candy Canes. Yuck or Yum?
 Yuck by them self, yum in white chocolate bark.

Favorite Christmas Movie?
Easy...Love Actually! It makes me laugh and it makes me cry, so good!

Do you shop online or at stores?
I really don't like to shop, so any shopping I do I do it on line.

Photo Cards, Letter or Store Bought Card? 
Photo cards with and/or without a letter. I love creating my card and letter, I get so creative with sayings, poems, pictures, etc. I always have people tell me they can't wait to see what I come up with this year. 

I seem to be having a hard time this Christmas, having just lost my mom last month. This questionnaire made me miss my mom even more than I do, but it also made me happy. Thinking about traditions and memories I couldn't help but smile as tears rolled down my cheeks. My mom was amazing, she always made sure everything was special. Whether she knew it or not, she created so many wonderful memories for me and my brother and for that I will forever be grateful!    
Merry Christmas!


  1. I lost my mom a couple years ago, right after Christmas. It does make this season a little bittersweet. Hoping you find little pockets of joy over the next couple weeks.

    1. Thank you Sara, I hope so too.


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