10 Things Real Teachers Appreciate

Since it is Teacher Appreciation Week I thought I would take a quick survey of some teacher friends to see what they, as teachers truly appreciate. 

1. A note of sincere appreciation.
2. When a parent compliments/praises you about their child’s growth from being in your class.
3. Enthusiasm from students and gratitude from students and parents.
4. No recess duty.
5. A parent’s trust…”They trust that I have their child’s best interest in mind.”.
6. Parent follow through and Mr. Sketch Markers.
7. Students that are polite and kind to their classmates, “Even when my back is turned.”.
8. Parent help with prepping and supplies and unexpected drinks on cold or hot days.
9. Good communication and respect amongst staff, teachers, and parents.
10. A quick and efficient copy machine repair guy.

It is interesting to me that most of these are not tangible things but simple acts of kindness, respect and good manners. 

I hope this is not the only week that you truly feel appreciated. I hope you are pampered, showered with praise and love and made to feel like you are the best teacher in the world, you deserve it!!

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