Sunday, September 6, 2015

It was the start of school, but not for me...

As a teacher without a classroom and a parent with adult children I always have mixed emotions this time of year.

It was the start of school, but not for me.

Teachers organized their rooms; 
I organized my closet.

Teachers sat in PD’s and staff meetings; 
I sat on my couch and in waiting rooms.

Teachers bought school supplies; 
I bought stuff for dinner.

Teachers planned and packed their lunches;
 I set up lunch dates with friends.

Teachers photocopied and laminated; 
I pinned and gardened.

Teachers decorated their home away from home; 
I watched decorating shows.

Teachers were excited to meet their new students; 
I was sad I didn’t have any new students to meet.

Parents bought their children school supplies;
 I watched my daughter shop for and buy her own.

Parents bought new school clothes for their children;
 I kept my credit card in my wallet.

Parents packed snacks and lunches for their children;
 I put the old lunch boxes in storage.

Parents comforted and consoled their nervous children;
 I watched mine leave without looking back.

Parents were nervous for their children's first day of school;
 I was sad my children would have no more first days of school.

Parents drove their children to school;
 I watched mine drive away.

It was the start of school, but not for me.

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  1. Oh, I am right there with you! I retired last year and it is such a strange feeling when school starts. I have to admit I miss the anticipation of meeting new kids, setting up the classroom, etc.


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