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Abe Lincoln The boy who loved to read by Kay Winters - Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips for Abe Lincoln The boy who loved books by Kay Winters from The Picture Book Teacher.

This is such a beautiful story, written in such a way that just captures your attention. The illustrations are equally as captivating. This book chronologically goes through Lincoln's life emphasizing his love of books and learning.

A must read when learning about one of our most beloved presidents!

Here are some teaching tips that I have come up with to go with this wonderful book.

Reading level: 3.5
Theme: Presidency
Genre: Biography

Suggested Vocabulary: corn pone, leather hinges, peddlers, pioneers, politicians, traders, slaves, his ideas stretched, his questions rose, his dreams were stirred, charcoal stick, spun yarns, stout, makeshift, hack a trail, vowed, fell the trees, whittled, a year limped by, too-short buckskins, turkey buzzard quill, earnings, poled a flatboat down the river, auction block, unjust, prove his worth with brawn, politics,

Reading skills and strategies:
  • purpose for reading – to learn more about Abraham Lincoln
  • author's purpose – inform
    • evidence
      • Abe love to read
      • Abe studied to become a lawyer without going to school
      • Abe believed that a life for sale was unjust
  • Cause and effect 
    • Why did Abe Lincoln talk to the travelers as they passed by his cabin?
      • Because their new cabin was so close to the Cumberland Trail.
    • Why did Abe Lincoln write his letters in so many places?
      • Because he loved to learn.
    • Why did Abe and his family have to live in a half-faced camp of branches at Little Pigeon Creek?
      • Because there was no cabin waiting for them when they moved there.
    • Why did Abe’s mom die?
      • Because she got the Milk sickness.
    • Why did Abe have to spend 3 hot days pulling stalks of corn in his friend’s field?
      • Because he had to pay him back for the book that got ruined from the rain leading through his cabin’s roof.
    • Why did Abe’s neighbors call him lazy?
      • Because whenever they saw him he was just reading a book.
    • Why was he called Honest Abe?
      • Because he went out of his way to make sure everything was fair to everyone.
  • Character analysis - describe Abe Lincoln {looks like, feelings, thoughts, character, how others think/see the character}
  • organization
    • sequence
      • When Abe was a baby he lived in a one room cabin with his mom and dad and sister.
      • When Abe was 2 his family moved to Knob Creek.
      • Growing up Abe talked to many people that traveled past his home.
      • Abe went to school in Knob Creek
      • Abe’s family moved again when he was 7.
      • Abe missed school, he wanted to read and learn.
      • Abe’s mom died of milk disease.
      • Abe’s dad brought home a new wife.
      • Abe’s new mom sent all the children back to school.
      • Abe left home when he was nineteen.
      • Abe saw slaves being sold and knew it was unjust to own another.
      • Abe got a job in a general store where he got the name “Honest Abe”.
      • Abe Lincoln studied to become a lawyer.
      • Abe Lincoln became president.
  • fact & opinion
    • fact
      • Abe Lincoln’s mother died of milk disease.
      • Abe Lincoln did not go to school to study to become a lawyer.
      • Abe Lincoln thought that owning another person was unjust.
      • Abe Lincoln loved to read books.
    • Opinion
      • Abe Lincoln should have gone to school to become a lawyer.
      • Abe Lincoln was too tall.
      • Abe Lincoln should have done a better job helping with all his chores.
      • Abe Lincoln was too honest.
  • main idea & details
    • Main idea – the story is mostly about Abe Lincoln and his love of books.
    • Details
      • Abe Lincoln always read after his chores were done.
      • Abe Lincoln studied to become a lawyer without having a teacher.
      • When Abe Lincoln didn’t have books with her he always yearned for them.
  • predict
    • What do you think the story will be about?
    • How much schooling do you think Abe Lincoln had?
    • Do you think Abe will ever go back to school?
    • What do you think Abe did to try to help those people that were treated unjust?
  • story elements
    • title – Abe Lincoln – The boy who loved books
    • author – Kay Winters
    • topic – Abe Lincoln
    • organization – by sequence
    • KWL – have students give you this info.
  • summarize main idea
    • author – Kay Winters wrote
    • book title – Abe Lincoln – The boy who loved books
    • author’s purpose – to inform readers of
    • statement about topic – his love of books and learning.
    • at least 2 detail – All Abe wanted to do was read and learn. He became a lawyer by studying books on his own because he wanted to help those people that were treated unjustly.
Here are some One Pagers I have created to go with this book.
One Pager activities for the book Abe Lincoln The boy who loved books.
You can find these activities in the growing Holiday Bundle I have HERE. This bundle will continue to grow as I find more books to add.
A Holiday Bundle of One Pager activities for a number of holdiay books.
Happy reading!

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