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Presidents' Day by Anne Rockwell - Teaching Tips

Presidents' Day by Anne Rockwell teaching tips from The Picture Book Teacher.

What a wonderful book, weaving the information about our beloved presidents into a story of elementary children putting on a play for Presidents' Day. This is a must read for any classroom to get ready for Presidents' Day.

Here are the teaching tips that you can use to help create a fun and meaningful lesson.

Reading level: 4.3
Theme: Presidents’ Day
Genre: Informational

Suggested Vocabulary: Mount Rushmore, granite, “a house divided against itself…”, scowled,  Declaration of Independence, galloping, hobbyhorse, national parks, mural, redwood trees, Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, Everglades,

Reading skills and strategies:
  • purpose for reading – to learn more about Presidents’ Day
  • author's purpose – inform
    • evidence
      • the book talks about George Washington
      • the book talks about Abe Lincoln
      • the book talks about Teddy Roosevelt
  • organization
    • ideas or topics –talks about electing new presidents and some of the different presidents and some of their accomplishments
      • Elections – when they are held and how they happen
      • George Washington – first president
      • Abe Lincoln – uniting our nation
      • Thomas Jefferson – writing the Declaration of Independence
      • Teddy Roosevelt – creation of national parks
  • classify & categorize
    • classify - presidents
    • categorize – by party
  • compare & contrast
    • any of the presidents mentioned in this book
  • fact & opinion
    • fact
      • George Washington was the first president
      • Abe Lincoln was the 16th president
      • Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence
      • Teddy Roosevelt created national parks
    • Opinion
      • Abe Lincoln was the best president
      • George Washington did a better job than Thomas Jefferson as president
      • Creating a united nation was more important than creating national parks
      • The Declaration of Independence is the most important American document
  • main idea & details
    • main idea – the text is mostly about the presidents that we honor during Presidents’ Day
    • details
      • George Washington because it’s his birthday and he was the first president
      • Abe Lincoln because he united our nation
      • Thomas Jefferson because he wrote the Declaration of Independence
      • Teddy Roosevelt because he protected the land
  • predict
    • What do you think the story is going to be about?
    • Why do you think we celebrate Presidents’ Day?
    • Why do you think we have elections?
    • Why do you think we honor George Washington?
    • Why do you think we honor Abe Lincoln?
    • Why do you think we honor Teddy Roosevelt?
    • Why do you think we honor Thomas Jefferson?
    • Who do you think will win the class election?
  • story elements
    • title – Presidents’ Day
    • author – Anne Rockwell
    • topic – honoring the presidents on Presidents’ Day
    • organization – by topic or ideas
    • KWL – have student give you this info
  • summarize main idea
    • author – Anne Rockwell wrote
    • book title – Presidents’ Day
    • author’s purpose – to inform readers
    • statement about topic – about what an election is and why we honor the presidents.
    • at least 2 detail – We honor George Washington because he was our first president and we honor Abe Lincoln because he united our nation.
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Happy reading!

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