A Little Bit of Winter by Paul Stewart - Teaching Ideas

Winter has come and it is time for Hedgehog to hibernate. Rabbit is really going to miss Hedgehog and can't remember why Hedgehog won't miss him. Hedgehog has to explain to Rabbit, again (because Rabbit is a bit forgetful), that when he sleeps he doesn't miss anything. Before Hedgehog hibernates he asks Rabbit if he might save a little bit of winter for him. To help Rabbit remember (because Rabbit is a bit forgetful) Hedgehog writes a note into the bark of a tree. As Rabbit lives through winter without his friend, eating the little bit of brown food he can find, will he remember to save winter for Hedgehog? If he does remember, how will he save it? Enjoy reading A Little Bit of Winter with your students and discovering if Rabbit is able to save winter for Hedgehog.

Reading level: 2.6
Theme: Loyalty, Friendship
Genre: Animal stories

Suggested Vocabulary: acorn, stone, dandelion leaf, clover, prodded, burrow, bark

Reading skills and strategies:
  • asking questions - (before) what is winter? (during) why do hedgehogs hibernate and rabbits don't? (after) why did Hedgehog say the snow "bit" him?
  • beginning, middle, end - (beg.) Hedgehog asking Rabbit to save him a little bit of winter (mid) Rabbit saving winter (end) Hedgehog getting winter.
  • cause and effect - what caused Rabbit to remember to save a little bit of winter.
  • characterization - describe Hedgehog and Rabbit
  • classify & categorize - animals that hibernate and animals that don't
  • compare & contrast - Hedgehog and Rabbit
  • connections - (text - to - self) missing friends or family when they are gone for a while, saving something to share with a friend, knowing someone that forgets everything
  • drawing conclusions - why does Hedgehog want Rabbit to save winter?
  • inference - how would you describe Rabbits character? How would you describe Hedgehogs character?
  • predict - will Rabbit remember to save winter for Hedgehog? Will the snow melt before Hedgehog can see it?
  • problem & solution - Hedgehog wants Rabbit to remember to save winter for him. He writes a note for Rabbit to remember. Rabbit figures out how to save winter. Hedgehog is happy to see winter.
  • sequencing
  • story elements - characters, setting, theme, beginning, middle, end, genre
  • strong thought - might have a strong thought when rabbit eats the bark from the tree that reminds him to save winter.
A beginning, middle and end freebie for you and your students to enjoy 
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Happy teaching!

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  1. WoW - what a thorough and comprehensive book review and study! Thanks for sharing your insights and for all of the planning this took. I'm going to have to check this one out.



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