Yes We Can! by Sam McBratney - Teaching Ideas

Have you ever had a friend laugh at you because you couldn't do something they could do? Well, Little Roo, Country Mouse and Quaker Duck are all guilty of doing just that. The story starts with the three friends playing and having fun with the fallen leaves but soon turns to feelings getting hurt. Country Mouse laughs at Quacker Duck, Little Roo laughs at Country Mouse and both Quacker Duck and Country Mouse laugh at Little Roo. Their day that started out fun has now turned into a day with everyone in a bad mood. Soon Little Roo's mom comes to the rescue. She helps the 3 friends find the good in each other which makes everyone feel good about themselves. In the end, Little Roo's mom asks them, "can we all be friends again?" and of course they say "Yes We Can!"

Reading level: 3.2
Theme: Feelings, Friendship
Genre: Animal stories

Vocabulary: caught, thought, ease, float, fuss, dare

Reading skills and strategies:
  • strong thought - when the characters start to laugh at each other
  • cause and effect - why the friends became unhappy
  • problem & solution - friends were laughing at each other then mother came over to help them forgive each other
  • text to self connections - what it is like to be teased, how it feels to be good at something
  • characterization - describe the characters {included in packet}
  • compare & contrast - all the characters {included in packet}
  • predict - what will happen after the characters start to laugh at each other, will they be friends again
  • visualize - what a mountain of leaves looks like, Little Roo jumping over a log, Country Mouse chasing his tail, Quaker Duck floating in a puddle
  • summarize {included in packet}
  • beginning, middle, end {included in packet}
  • story elements {included in packet}
**other items included in the packet are: -ing glyph, journal prompts, graphing, money, tens & ones, happy/unhappy sorting activity, comprehension questions, Bloom's leveled questions and a class book.
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Happy teaching!

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