One Mitten by Kristine O'Connell George - Teaching Ideas

This is a cute little story about a little girl that has lost a mitten. As she looks for her mitten she imaginatively has fun with just her one mitten. She makes shadow puppets, uses it as sleeping bag for her stuffed animal and pets her cat with her mitten. She finally finds her missing mitten and continues to use her imagination with what she can do with the two mittens. I hope you and your students have fun discovering all the things you can do with a mitten!

Reading level: 2.0
Genre: fiction
Theme: imagination, cleverness

Suggested Vocabulary: flap, windshield-wipe, frosty, binocular

Reading skills and strategies:
  • beginning, middle, end - {beginning} what are all the things the girls is doing with one mitten? {middle} where did the girl find the mitten? {end} what did the girl do with 2 mittens?
  • cause and effect - What caused the girl to have only one mitten? What effect did only having one mitten have on the girl?
  • characterization - describe the kind of girl she is
  • classify & categorize - the different clothes you wear in winter and summer
  • compare & contrast - compare the girl to the student
  • connections - {text-to-self} having lost something and couldn't find it. Finding something of yours in your pets bed. Owning a pair of mittens.
  • drawing conclusions, inference - how did the girl feel about having a lost mitten?
  • predict - why is the girl playing with only one mitten? why is she looking for her mitten? where will the mitten be?
  • problem & solution - {problem} the girl has a lost mitten. {solution} she finds the mitten under her cat while she is patting him.
  • sequencing -  sequence all the things she does with one mitten. Sequence all the things she does with two mittens. Sequence the whole story.
  • story elements - list the genre, theme, characters, setting, problem, solution.
  • summarize - {somebody} the girl was looking for her yellow mitten {but} she couldn't find it {so} she used her imagination to come up with lots of things to do with one mitten {then} she found her mitten under her cat {in the end} the girl went outside to play with her friend.
  • visualize - students can visualize the things she is doing with the mittens. Let them visualize it then show them the pictures in the book.  
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