Sam's Snowy Day by Mary Labatt - Teaching Ideas

Sam is a little puppy that has never seen snow before. She is excited to go outside and see what it is all about. While she is at the park she gets hit with a snowball, tries to make a snow angle, has snow fall on her head and rides a toboggan. She loves the toboggan! On her last ride the toboggan crashes into a snowman. Will Sam be okay? Read this book to find out what happens to Sam!

Reading level: 1.5
Theme: weather & seasons (snow)
Genre: animal stories

Reading skills and strategies:
  • beginning, middle, end - {beginning}Sam didn't know what snow was. She got to go outside and experience snow. {middle} Joan and Bob take Sam to the park to play. Many things happen at the park. {end} Sam's toboggan crashes into a snowman and when Sam surfaces she looks just like a snowman.
  • cause and effect - Why did Sam not know what snow was? Why did the kids keep saying "poor puppy"? Why did Sam look like a snowman at the end of the story?
  • characterization - describe Sam
  • classify & categorize - things to do at a park when it is snowing and things to do when it is sunny
  • compare & contrast - Sam to students dog, ice and water
  • connections - {text-to-self} got hit with a snowball, like to toboggan, made a snow angle, slid across ice
  • drawing conclusions & inference - why do you think Sam has never experiences snow before?
  • fact & opinion - Sam describes the snow, you can ask if those are facts or just his opinions. "Snow makes my feet cold", "snow gets in my nose", "snow tastes like water", "I'm not a puppy, I'm a snowman".
  • predict - Will Sam like the snow? Will Sam have fun at the park? Will Sam be okay after she hit the snowman?
  • sequencing -  the most important events of the story.
  • story elements - genre, theme, characters, setting, beginning, middle, end
  • strong thought - the students might have a strong thought when Sam doesn't jump off of the toboggan.
  • summarize - {someone} Sam {wanted} to go play in the snow {so} the kids took him to the park to play in the snow {but}she was having trouble in the snow, she got hit with a snowball, snow fell on her head, she slipped on the ice {then} she took a ride on a toboggan {and finally} she crashed into a snowman and when she surfaces she looked like a snowman.
  • visualize - have the students visualize what happens to Sam in the snow before you show them the pictures.


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  1. Thanks for the post! I've never heard about this book, so will see if I can find it somewhere and possibly add it to my classroom reading list. I noticed a typo on the freebie, though. The word "was" is repeated. It should read "Was my prediction confirmed?"

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't believe I have had this up for so long and not one person mentioned the typo...It is all fixed now!
      Enjoy your weekend!


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