Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friends by Helme Heine - Teaching Ideas

The three friends out on an adventure.

by Helme Heine

These three friends love to be together. They spend the day doing what friends like to do, playing, pretending, and learning how to compromise. They first take off on their bike exploring the countryside. In their travels, they discover a pond where they play hide and seek, play pirates and go fishing. As the sun starts to set, they head home. Not wanting their fun to end, they decide to have a sleepover, but to their dismay, there is a problem at each of their houses. Do these three friends end up having a sleepover? Your students will be antsy with anticipation to find out.

The following is some information about the book that will help you plan your lesson.

Reading level: 3.5

Theme: Friendship, cooperation, teamwork

Genre: Adventure

Suggested Vocabulary: strutted, tiller, conquered, rumbled, pigsty, and perch.

Reading skills and strategies: sequence, visualize, story elements, cause and effect, asking questions, prediction, author’s point of view, connections, compare and contrast, and problem/solution.

Writing: letter writing, personal narrative using adjectives, journal entry and acrostic poem

Grammar: adjectives, time/sequencing words

Below is a free sequencing activity that I have created to go with this book. I have created a packet of the skills and strategies I mention above. Visit my TpT or Teachers Notebook store to check it out.

click above picture to get freebie!
A peak at all the goodies in the Friend Skills and Strategies Teaching packet.

Do you have this book in your classroom library? Is this a book you use for lessons? What book about friendship do you like to read?
Let me know.  

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