Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Swimmy finds fish that are just like him.
By Leo Lionni
Swimmy is a happy little fish until one day a big tuna fish eats his brothers and sisters. Swimmy finds himself alone and afraid in the big ocean. As Swimmy swims along, he discovers a world of wonderful sea creatures. At last, he comes upon a school of fish that look just like his brothers and sisters. He is so excited about all the creatures that he has seen in the ocean he tells the little red fish to come with him. Unfortunately for Swimmy, the fish won't go because they are too afraid of the big fish. Swimmy comes up with a brilliant idea so the little fish don't have to be afraid. What do you think Swimmy's idea is? Will the other fish like his idea? Have fun reading Swimmy with your students and discovering if Swimmy really did have a brilliant idea.

Reading level: 3.5

Theme: Cooperation, teamwork, confronting fears, marine life, and creativity and imagination

Genre: Fable, folk tale

Vocabulary:  mussel shell, swift, darting, gulp, marvel, Medusa, swaying

Reading skills and strategies: sequence, visualize, story mapping, asking questions, predicting, making connections, drawing conclusions/inferencing, Bloom’s leveled questions, classify and categorize

Grammar: nouns, adjectives 

Writing: letter writing, personal narrative using adjectives, journal entry and cinquain poem

I have included a 3 page inferencing activity as well as a list of leveled questions that can be used with this book. If you like what you see, I have created a packet of activities specifically for this book using all of the strategies and skills listed above. You can find this packet at my TpT or Teachers Notebook store. 

A peak at all the goodies in the Swimmy Skills and Strategies Teaching packet.
Isn't this just a great little story, don't you love Leo Lionni's illustrations? Is this a "go to" book for you, or one you don't think to grab? Which Leo Lionni book is your favorite?
Let me know :)

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Activity Packet for use with Swimmy by Leo Lionni by Shawna Devoe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


  1. We use this book at the beginning of each school year to begin our discussions about cooperation. Thank you for sharing these printables. They will enhance and expand our learning when we use this book again!

    1. I am so glad you will be using these, I hope your kids will enjoy them!


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