Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Froggy's First Kiss by Jonathan London - Teaching Ideas

I just love this book for Valentine's Day! I just couldn't resist creating a packet of  activities to go with this story. The packet has been in the works for a while and I am finally happy with what I created. Froggy and Frogilina were drawn by me and it was lots of fun figuring out how they {Froggy & Frogilina} could help your students learn. I hope you and your students find these activities as much fun to use as I had creating them. The packet is available on either my TpT or Teachers Notebook store.

Here is some info you might find helpful for this book.

Reading level: 2.5
Theme: holiday - Valentine's Day
Genre: fiction

Suggested Vocabulary: polite, wound, gazing, especially, spluttered

Reading skills and strategies:
  • asking questions - {before} Does Froggy kiss someone or does someone kiss Froggy? {during} Why is Froggy so distracted all the time? {end} Did Froggy really make that Valentine for his mother or for Frogilina? {worksheet included in packet}
  • beginning, middle, end - {beginning} Froggy sees Frogilina for the first time and thinks she is the prettiest girl in the world. {middle} Froggy spends all his time with Frogilna. {end} Frogilina kisses Froggy and embarrasses him. On Valentine's day Froggy gives his valentine to his mother.
  • cause and effect - What causes Froggy to fall off the monkey bars onto his head? What effect does Frogilina's kiss have on Froggy. Why does Froggy's tummy feel so weird? {activity included in packet}
  • characterization - describe Froggy, describe Frogilina{activity included in packet}
  • classify & categorize - feelings - what things make you feel embarrassed, what things make you feel happy
  • compare & contrast - compare Froggy and Frogilina, compare yourself to Froggy or Frogilina {worksheet included in packet}
  • connections - {text-to-self} seeing a pretty girl, being distracted in class, sharing your lunch with a friend, wanting to give a valentine to someone special {worksheet included in packet}
  • drawing conclusions - why did Froggy's face turn red?
  • main idea & details - Froggy was in love with Frogilina - he was distracted in class, fell off the monkey bars, got hit with the tether ball, his insides got all soft and wiggly.
  • predict - who is Froggy going to give the Valentine to? What is Frogilina going to give him at lunch?
  • problem & solution - Frogilina kisses Froggy at lunch, all his classmates laugh at him. Froggy gives his valentine to his mom.
  • sequencing - the important events of the story 
  • story elements ­- theme, genre, characters, setting, beginning, middle, end

All the goodies in the packet I have for sale!
Link to TpT store!

Link to Teachers Notebook store!

 Happy reading!


  1. I'm going to check this out! I love this book. :)

    Latricia (new follower)
    Wild About Second Grade

    1. It really is such a fun book! Thanks for following...your blog is great...I am your newest follower!


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