Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thumbs up Thumbs down Thursday #4

Another Thursday, another Thumbs up Thumbs down post. Read here for the back story of why I started this.

Thumbs up to my husband that got his long overdue promotion to manager in a major corporation. We are so excited!!

Thumbs up to all the kinders and firsties that know how to tie shoes and help their fellow classmates that don't know how to tie their own shoes. It is so cute to watch!

Thumbs up to Mrs. Cooley at First Grader at Last for the great blog post Our Community Map. Her kids did such a great job and you can tell how hard they worked. Thanks for sharing this with us :)

Thumbs up to Hope King at Second Grade Shenanigans for posting A Peek at My Mad Scientists. This post made me smile, it was so fun, super cute and the kids looked like they were having so much fun while they were learning...the best kind of lessons!

Thumbs up to the Lesson Plan SOS for the great post Go Bananas for These Freebies. There are so many great ideas that result in fantastic display of the kids work. I just love the napkin idea...genius!

Thumbs down to this darn cold I got over the weekend! Everyday I am getting something new and I don't seem to be getting better...ugh!!

Thumbs down to the people that throw their cigarette butts out their car window! Don't they know it is littering? Don't they care? My question to them is, "If you don't think it is littering (which one person said to me that it wasn't) then why do you not throw them down on the floor in your car, instead of street?"

Thumbs down to all the people that think basing a teacher's salary on test scores is a good idea. Don't they get that there are many other factors involved with a test score? Did they look at what the district is making them teach? Did they look at the parent involvement? Did they look at the student's ability to take tests? Did they look at the conditions the district is making the teacher teach, like class size, resources available, etc? Did they look at value of an education in the house the child comes from? I could go on and on and what I don't understand is if these are obvious to me why are they not obvious to others?

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  1. Hi-
    Thanks for the "thumbs up"!! Your blog is great!! Enjoy the rest of your week :)


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