Sunday, May 26, 2013

School Sleepover

This past week we had a school sleepover for our kinders and firsties. We met at school at 6:30pm, everyone bringing dinner for their own family and a dessert to share. The kids and families spent the next hour and a half talking and playing on the playground - most of the kids playing in their pj's.

By 7:45 we headed to the classroom where we were going to sleep and had all the parents get their kids into their jammies and their sleeping bags rolled out and beds set up.

At 8:15 we told all parents it was time to leave. Some parents left and were fine, other parents left a nervous wreck! For the majority of the students this was their first sleepover EVER! We assured all the parents that everything would be fine.

There was not one child that cried when their mom and dad left. They were SOOOOO excited to be at school, with their friends, in a sleeping bag, with their teachers.

By 9:00 the kids had their teeth brushed, potty needs taken care of and  all settled into their sleeping bags. They voted for which movie they wanted to watch and the Little Mermaid was it.

Once the movie started most of the kids settled in,  but just like in class, there were those that just couldn't control their movements or mouths!

By 10 or so we had the movie finished and lights out...with those that continued to get up and go to the bathroom, multiple times! By 10:30 everyone was asleep.

We had a snorer, a cougher, a sneezer and a sleep walker! We had a few make it to the bathroom (we were in a kinder room that had bathrooms in the room) and back to their sleeping bag in the dark without being afraid or stepping on anyone.

By 5:30am the first batch woke. They tried to play quietly but  they were the ones that are NEVER quiet, so one by one the others woke.

By 6:30 we had them playing outside on the kinder playground, in their pj's - hopefully they didn't wake too many of the neighbors!!

At 7:00 we fed them breakfast (cereal, milk, banana's and muffins were donated by parents). We started rolling sleeping bags, folding blankets and getting dressed (most didn't have clothes to change into, which they thought was great because they loved playing in their jammies!!).

By 8am the parents started showing up and all kids were picked up by 8:15. We had two awesome moms bring us Starbucks - decaf so we could go home and sleep - how thoughtful!

The night went great! In all the years we have had the sleepover this was the first one where we had no crier's, calls home or potty accidents!

This was definitely a great way to close out the year, especially since the school is closing at the end of the year and all the kids will be going to different schools. I hope this is one memory they will never forget!


  1. Wow! Kids Sleepover! We did something similar but we had our kids picked up at 9 in the evening. We called it a lock-in, but we unlocked much earlier than you did. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. What a neat idea! It sounds like the kids had a blast. Sad that schools are closing all around the country. 3 are closing here in my county and 1 closed last year.


  3. I can't believe you did this-- I would have loved this as a parent, and the kids will never forget this experience. Just found your blog and am following you. LauraRead-Write-Create

  4. This is an awesome idea, I just love it!!


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