Sunday, January 4, 2015

My New Blog Design

So I know that my new blog design has been up since before Christmas, but I have yet to point it out and acknowledge Barbara from BL Designs.

Barbara Leyne Designs
Barbara was awesome to work with, she took my ideas and turned them into my new look. She took the doodle picture of me (drawn by my daughter) and incorporated that look, my "brand" in to the design.

I love the colors and I love my new name. I am not sure if you noticed but I have shortened my name to The Picture Book Teacher, so much easier to remember (but please note that all the addresses are still The Picture Book Teacher's Edition).

My main design thought was doodles, because quite frankly that is what I do when I have a pen in hand and paper in front of me. My vision was a doodled designed blog, so without going overboard with the doodles,  I think Barbara got it just right.

If you are thinking about a new blog look, I highly recommend taking a look at what Barbara has to offer! You will be quite pleased!!

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  1. Your blog looks fabulous! Love your doodle picture, too. Totally cute!


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