Top 10 Books for June

This month I decided to list the books that I have read or are on my list to read for my own professional development. Some are true classics that I am sure we have all read and others have been mentioned or talked about by fellow teachers. If you have read any of these on my list and can share your insight or was it worth the read or not, please leave your comments below.

Happy Summer Reading!!


  1. I've read Reading with Meaning and Book Whisperer and liked them both. I will say that Book Whisperer seemed to be geared more for older kids -- I teach 2nd. I have Cornerstone and want to read it this summer, also. Haven't heard of some on your list, but they sound interesting. Happy reading! Sara

  2. Choice Words is a must for all teachers and it needs to be revisited yearly. I have been involved in a book study with it and this will be by 3rd summer rereading and learning from this book.


Thoughts and comments are always welcome!