Saturday, March 30, 2013

Open House 2013

This year's Open House was out of this world! 

The rocket was made from donated boxes covered in white butcher paper and painted by the kids.
The kids wrote Acrostic poems and made foot print rocket ships (an idea from Pinterest - sorry I don't know who to give proper credit to).  The picture is of the kids wearing a space helmet and stood behind an astronaut cut out.

We hung black butcher paper that was splattered with white paint - all done by the kids - all around the classroom. The kids learned about UFO's and aliens. They created their own UFO's (again a Pinterest idea and I don't know who to give proper credit to) and aliens. They were shown a picture of an alien and then given colored construction paper and free creative license to create their own.
 They did a great job!

The students learned about each planet and then wrote about them. The planets were all painted by the students. 

They learned about the sun. They created their own suns with black construction paper and pastel chalk. They had free creative license on these as well. The big sun was painted and then different colored construction paper was twisted - all done by the kids. We pinned, stapled and taped it to the ceiling, wall and black paper.

The kids were given a homework assignment to make a robot. They had 3 weeks to create, some with lots of parent involvement and others completely done by themselves. They turned out amazing!

These are just a few of the robots that came in.

The kids also learned about the moon. They did the phases of the moon with Oreo Cookies. Created the surface of the moon with a salt dough and in the hallway we created the moon. The walls and even the ceiling were covered with the black splattered paper and the ground was covered in paper, painted to resemble the moon surface. The Earth was outlined and then pained by kids. The space helmets are big ice cream containers cut and painted white. The little space suit was us used for taking pictures of the kids on the moon.

We had a huge turn out by not only the kids in the class but by the rest of the school. Many people came to see what all the "talk" was about. 

It was a super fun Open House and the kids LOVED learning about space...I can't wait for next year!!


  1. Out of this world! I love it! This would be perfect in my room! Thanks for sharing!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

    1. Yes, it would fit your room perfectly :)
      Enjoy your week!

  2. That is awesome!!!! I especially like the helmets. Such a lot of work. You and your kiddos should be proud!



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