Sunday, January 5, 2014

Personal Goals for 2014

I am joining Blog Hoppin' in some goal setting for 2014. I am joining a bit late so I am doing all my goals at once!

Day 1 - Fun and Family

My 2014 Fun and Family goal for this year is to find my new normal. Having just lost my mom to cancer I need to figure out how to get through my days without talking to her.
 I told my mom right before she died not to worry, that I would take care of everything and everyone. I need to figure out how to do that.
 My kids will be 18 and 20 this year so I really want to make sure that all our busy lives cross and we spend some family time together. 
It is going to be a sad journey for me, but one that must be made.

Day 2 - Crafting and Creating
My 2014  Crafting and Creating goal is to get my Christmas crafts done this summer. I like to think I have tons of time during the summer, which would be a great time to get those homemade Christmas crafts done.
 I am thinking that my Christmas craft for this year is going to be burlap door hangers.
Here is an example of one from Pinterest.

Day 3 - Fitness

What I really want is my old Health Walker back. Years and years ago I had a great in home walking machine, super simple but lots of fun. We sold it when we moved to California, now I wish I still had it but they don't make them anymore, so I am scouring the internet in hopes of finding a used one.
 My goal is to FIND. THAT. WALKER!
Day 4 - Professional
I would love, love, love to have my own classroom. I have been subbing (with many long term assignments) for quite awhile. Every classroom I have been in has belonged to someone else. I have never set up my own. 
I got a Literary Support job this year (3 hours, 2 days a week) at a school that I am hoping will give me a teaching job next school year. 
I will work hard, and cross my fingers in hopes that this will happen!

Day 5 - Organization
 While my mom was healthy this past year, she helped me organize my kitchen. We made new curtains, and re-organized all the cupboards. The only thing left to do was paint the kitchen. I know that is not organizing, but it was all part of that project which I am determined to finish in 2014.

Happy New Year!

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