Friday, November 7, 2014

Five for Friday

It has been forever and a day since I participated in a Five for Friday, I am glad I have a few minutes to put this post together. five for friday new
So here we go…

five for friday new 1

The Picture Book Teacher's Edition 5 for Friday 

I just love first grade!
The sentence should read “Isabella likes to play horses and Barbies.”

five for friday new 2 

The Picture Book Teacher's Edition 5 for Friday

We were out to dinner and my one daughter needed some tissue so my other daughter pulled out this. Nothing like being prepared!

five for friday new 3
The Picture Book Teacher's Edition 5 for Friday

My dad and I took a 10 mile bike ride on the strand. It was a gorgeous day!

five for friday new 4 The Picture Book Teacher's Edition 5 for Friday

I started my 5am walks again. I just love being out before the sun! I have walked 2 miles everyday this week.

five for friday new 5 photo-4

This week marked the 1 year passing of my mom. I found this picture on Facebook (source unknown) and it expressed everything I’ve been feeling. I spent the day with my dad and my mom’s best friend and then family and friends gathered for a very nice dinner. It was a day my mom would have truly enjoyed.

 Have a great weekend!
The Picture Book Teacher's Edition


  1. Shawna - This was a big week milestone for you! It's crazy how fast the years go by. Hugs to you! I'm jealous you got a bike ride with your dad by the beach. That is right up my alley. Hugs my friend.
    V Teaching and Much Mooreicky

    1. Thank you Vicky. It has been a crazy year, lots of ups and lots of downs. It is amazing how all of a sudden an emotional tidal wave hits me and the complete feeling of disbelief and sadness consumes me.

      My dad and I started riding our bikes together after my mom died (once a week). We took the summer off, but it is time to start again. We both need it, need to be together and be out enjoying the beauty of the day. It is definitely one benefit of living in California.

      Thank you for being such a great friend. I am thankful that my venture into the blogging world connected us.

      Enjoy your weekend!


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